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Best Known As The Purveyors Of Cotton Sticks

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[96] Pharmapseudocal & Boiled Peanuts is now
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Kennica Rigden, of Fort Collins, Colorado had been dating a young man in the Navy and is stationed at Norfolk Naval Station. She borrowed a [96] Cotton Stick one evening to satisfy an itch in her ear. Unprepared for the velvety, plush nature of Cotton Sticks, she was instantly faithful. She now advocates for [96] Cotton Sticks whenever possible.
This guy, Corso Mayhew, comes to South Carolina 6 times a year to visit his Aunt. Living in Nebraska City, he's created quite a hustle for himself selling [96] Cotton Sticks at home and in both Lincoln, and Omaha, Nebraska.
Dr. T.Truett Truesdale claims to be unfamiliar with any Ninety Six Pharmapseudocal offerings and told a coworker that he just bought the shirt because he thought it was fun. We’d like to clarify that after investigating the circumstances surrounding the moment of this picture, Doctor Truesdale was in the middle of a complicated effort to gaslight a yoga instructor he’d briefly dated while attending The Feinberg School of Medicine in Chicago. Doctor Truesdale said he is satisfied that she is no longer a threat, though he did not elaborate.

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